BREAKING: Florida Announces Record-High 1,902 Coronavirus Cases on June 12th

As Florida reopens businesses and theme parks around the state, the coronavirus case count is rising.

On Friday, the state reported a record-high for single-day cases at 1,902.

On Thursday, the state announced just over 1,700, which was the previous record.

This comes as theme parks like Universal and SeaWorld reopen their parks. Walt Disney World prepares to reopen next month.

Orange County, where the theme parks are located, has seen a tremendous spike in cases.

On Friday, Orange County reported 95 new cases. The county’s total, as reported by the Florida Department of Health, sits at 2,773.

Below is an info-graphic from the Health Department’s dashboard.

The rise in case counts is expected as testing becomes more available and as human-to-human contact increases. However, this spike has been abrupt.

On Thursday, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings stated that preventing the spread of the virus will be a community effort.

This spike in numbers comes at a time when the MLS and NBA are finalizing plans to finish their respective seasons at Walt Disney World.

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