Infectious Disease Expert: Florida Theme Parks are Reopening Too Early

Some people think theme parks are reopening too early in Central Florida.

Orange County, Florida has reported 700+ positive coronavirus cases in the last 14 days.

A local infectious disease expert tells WFTV its likely too soon for crowds to be rushing back to Central Florida’s theme parks.

“I would personally not go right now to a theme park,” Dr. Dena Grayson said. “We are in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”

Grayson said she’s glad the parks have rules, hand sanitizer readily available and hygiene reminders.

Though the face coverings may get hot, they significantly prevent spreading the virus, Grayson said.

She said requiring them is a “fantastic move by the theme parks and absolutely necessary.”

You can watch a video of the full report here:

Walt Disney World is planning to reopen July 11th and will require face coverings.

The parks will also be suspending character meets, closing high-contact areas and guests will need a reservation to enter the park.

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