ABC’s “Dinosaurs” Expected to be Added to Disney+ This Fall

“Dinosaurs”, the hit 90’s show from ABC, could be making it’s way to Disney+.

It first aired in 1991 and ran for 4 seasons, with a total of 65 episodes.

During the airing of ABC’s brand new game show, “Don’t”, Ryan Reynolds, who is producing and also acting as the announcer for the show, said that Dinosaurs would be coming to Disney+ in the Fall.

The show follows a family of dinosaurs residing in the modern world. They have TVs, fridges and various other objects.

The only human beings around them are cavemen, who are considered pets and wild animals.

The show consists of 65 episodes and the idea was created by Jim Henson, who also created the Muppets, however he sadly passed away before the show made it to our screens.

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