These Amenities Will Be Available to NBA Stars While They Finish Season at Walt Disney World

The National Basketball Association and Walt Disney World will be doing everything they can to prevent the spread of coronavirus while the league finishes their season at Walt Disney World.

In recent posts we’ve showed you the timeline for the season and where players will be staying, and now, we’re getting a loot at the amenities that will be available to players.

According to reports from The Athletic, Yahoo! and ESPN, players will have access to the following during their stay at Walt Disney World resort this summer.

  • Players-only launch (NBA 2K, TVs, gaming)
  • Pools and trails
  • Barbers, manicurists, pedicurists
  • 24-hour VIP concierge
  • Daily entertainment including movie screenings, DJ sets, video games, ping pong, pool, lawn games’
  • Players can attend other games

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the NBA and Disney are also working out deals for team excursions including restaurant outings, bowling, the Wild Africa Trek and even special Disney Park attraction access.

The NBA has also issued the league a map to show where the key points of interest are on property.

NBA Walt Disney World Map

To ensure safety, the league will be setting up a hotline to report any breaks in protocol.

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