European Union to Reopen Borders July 1st; United States Banned Initially

The European Union is banning travelers from the United States as Europe reopens its borders post-coronavirus pandemic.

Travelers from a list of 15 nations will be allowed entry to the European Union starting Wednesday, but the United States is not on the list.

European Union governments decided Tuesday to open their external borders to Algeria, Tunisia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay. Chinese travelers will also be allowed in the EU, but only if China announces that it will also accept European visitors.

The decision was taken based on the health situation of the countries of origin and will be reviewed every two weeks.

However, it is non-binding, meaning that EU member states can reopen their borders to whichever countries they want.

Disneyland Paris is set to reopen July 15th.

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