Union Leader on Reopening: Walt Disney World “Has to Get it Right”

The head of the Services Trades Council Union, representing 43,000 Walt Disney World service workers, says  Disney “has to get it right” in regard to its phased reopening Saturday.

Matt Hollis, who leads the union, told CNN that Disney was responding with robust measures to protect employees following worries over safety. He acknowledges that there will likely be cases of coronavirus in the park, but he is confident that the company will do the contact tracing necessary to stop the spread.

Disney will have recalled about 20,000 of the 43,000 workers in the Service Trades Council Union to its Florida parks.

“We continue to make modifications and requests” to the new safety protocols, said Hollis. So far, the company has made good on those requests, Hollis said.

Increased safety measures for the parks include temperature checks, social distancing markers, face mask requirements and more.

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