Disney Reorganizing Entertainment Operations

The Walt Disney Company is reorganizing its operations to give priority to its streaming video businesses and create new units that will produce content for digital and traditional platforms.

Under the new structure, Disney is creating content groups for its major film franchises, general entertainment and sports, as well as a distribution arm that will determine the best platform for a movie or television show.

“Our creative teams will concentrate on what they do best—making world-class, franchise-based content—while our newly centralized global distribution team will focus on delivering and monetizing that content in the most optimal way across all platforms”

Disney Chief Executive Bob Chapek

The new alignment pushes Disney’s streaming platforms, including Disney+ and Hulu, even closer to the center of the company. The various programming arms, including movie and television studios, will be focusing their efforts on feeding those streaming services, not just movie theaters and TV networks.

  • Alan Horn and Alan Bergman, who head Walt Disney Studios, will oversee the movie content arm
  • Peter Rice, who oversees TV production for Disney, will become chairman of general entertainment content
  • ESPN head Jimmy Pitaro will head the sports unit

All executive will report to CEO Bob Chapek

Disney did not specify when the changes will take effect in the company’s announcement.

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