Ranger the Rhino Calf Joins the Herd at Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris welcomed a new family member on Tuesday.

Ranger, the rhino calf, made his debut alongside his mom Kendi earlier this week.

Ranger is the first calf for the herd in five years – and the keepers have eagerly cheered on Kendi and Ranger through each new developmental milestone. This “little” guy is now a big boy – he’s grown to be more than four times his birth weight, weighing in at nearly 600 pounds, and his size is matched by his big, bold personality.

Collectively, Disney’s Animal Care team has hundreds of years of experience, and their teamwork and expertise are crucial to ensuring Ranger’s successful transition to the savanna. But each animal is unique with their own personalities, development and family dynamics, so each onstage introduction is something special.

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