BREAKING: Walt Disney World College Program Returning in June

After being derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World is returning in June.

The company credits rising vaccination rates and revised health guidance as reasons to safely bring the program back.

Walt Disney World is inviting participants whose program ended early or was suspended in 2020 to reapply and join. Today, May 3, these participants will receive exclusive communication via email about this exciting opportunity.

The Disney College Program is also revamping its application process, a concierge team of recruiters you can engage with on social media, and year-long arrival dates. The company has temporarily modified some eligibility requirements so that many people who missed out in 2020 can still apply, even if you’ve already graduated.

Disney says its focus right now is on bringing the Disney College Program back to Walt Disney World Resort and will have more to share about Disney International Programs, Disney Culinary Program, and those at Disneyland Resort later.

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