“Storybook Adventure” Show to Debut at Shanghai Disney Resort June 16th

A new character-filled show is debuting at Shanghai Disney Resort this month.

“Storybook Adventure” will feature one of the largest numbers of on-stage performers of any indoor entertainment show at Shanghai Disneyland. The show will be Broadway-caliber, according to Walt Disney Imagineering.

The show will follow Mickey, Goofy and Olaf as the trio embarks on a journey to return Olaf to his section of a magical storybook that brings beloved Disney characters and their stories to life.

“We couldn’t be more excited to share this stunning stage show with our guests, and hope that they will enjoy every aspect of the production, from the songs and storytelling, to the spectacular visuals and intricate details. With a wealth of incredible stage designs, amazing costumes, much-loved music and a talented Cast and crew, this new Broadway-caliber show is the latest example of the world-class live entertainment experiences that Disney consistently delivers to guests and fans around the world.”

Michael Jung, Executive Theatrical Development, Disney Live Entertainment

The show will feature Mickey, Goofy, Olaf as well as other characters from “Tangled”, “Mulan”, “Moana”, “Zootopia”, “Princess and the Frog”, “Frozen” and more.

“Storybook Adventure” debuts at the Walt Disney Grand Theatre June 16th at Shanghai Disney Resort.

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