SNEAK PEEK: Reopening Menu for Boma – Flavors of Africa

Walt Disney World is set to resume buffet-style dining with the reopening of Boma – Flavors of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

With the announcement of Boma’s reopening, Walt Disney World is also giving guests a sneak peek at the menu that will be initially available.

For breakfast, guests can get creamy pap, turkey bobotie, pancakes, waffles, deviled eggs with salmon, and delicious freshly baked items from the Boma bakery.

For dinner: the rotisserie area will offer pork ribs, salmon, African-spiced strip loin, Durban rotisserie chicken, and lamb bobotie. The kid’s cooking pod will have pasta and meatballs, mac n’ cheese, and chicken bites. The rotating selection of soups, stews, and chowders are back, as well as tasty salads like berbere chickpea salad and North African cauliflower salad.

Dessert: Zebra Domes and a variety of other sweet treats.

Bookings for Boma – Flavors of Africa will be available Wednesday, August 18th and the restaurant will reopen two days later on August 20th.

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