Story Concept and Show Elements Revealed for “Disney KiteTails”

Walt Disney World is revealing new details about “Disney KiteTails”, coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the 50th anniversary celebration.

The show will take place several times a day at Discovery River Theater and will feature oversized props & kites honoring Disney animated features like “The Little Mermaid”, “a bug’s life”, “Finding Nemo” and more.

Watercraft zoom into view, pulling with them dynamic kite trains and enormous, three-dimensional kites depicting familiar characters from “The Lion King” or “The Jungle Book.” From one performance to another, you may see Baloo the bear dancing in the sky or Zazu the red-billed hornbill chasing after Simba. These remarkable kites, some as large as 30 feet in length, are inflated by moving through the air, allowing characters like King Louie or Timon and Pumbaa to soar like never before.

“Disney KiteTails” is just one of many new entertainment offerings coming to Walt Disney World for the 50th anniversary celebration. Other big shows include “Disney Enchantment” at Magic Kingdom and “Harmonious” at EPCOT.

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