Gov. Newsom: State is Actively Working on Plan to Reopen Theme Parks

Tensions are building in the California theme park community. While brands like Disney & Universal operate in Florida, there is still no reopening date for their California parks to reopen. During a Wednesday press conference, Governor Gavin Newsom said an announcement on theme parks will be made soon. Governor Newsom says the state is... Continue Reading →

CDC Removes Requirement for Some International Flights to Land at Designated Airports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that international travelers will no longer be required to undergo enhanced COVID-19 testing upon their arrival to the U.S. starting September 14, 2020. “We now have a better understanding of COVID-19 transmission that indicates symptom-based screening has limited effectiveness because people with COVID-19 may have no... Continue Reading →

High-Speed Rail Connecting South Florida to Disney World Inching Closer to Reality

Plans for a train taking passengers from Orlando International Airport to South Florida and even a stop at Disney World is coming to fruition. Brightline Trains, which is already up and running in South Florida, is laying the tracks and set to open a station at Orlando International Airport in 2022. Brightline has also... Continue Reading →

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