“Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.” Premieres May 21 on Hulu

Marvel's upcoming show "Marvel's M.O.D.O.K." will premiere all 10 episodes of the adult comedy series on May 21, 2021. In the show, the megalomaniacal supervillain M.O.D.O.K. (Patton Oswalt) has long pursued his dream of one day conquering the world. But after years of setbacks and failures fighting the Earth’s mightiest heroes, M.O.D.O.K. has run his... Continue Reading →

Disney Investor Day 2020: Hulu Announces New Content

New content is coming to Hulu in the near future. During the Disney Investor Day 2020 Conference, the company announced new star-studded content coming to the streaming service. Nine Perfect Strangers starring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy & Regina Hall. Dopesick starring Michael Keaton, Rosario Dawson and Peter Sangaard. Only Murders in the Building starring Steve... Continue Reading →

Disney Reorganizing Entertainment Operations

The Walt Disney Company is reorganizing its operations to give priority to its streaming video businesses and create new units that will produce content for digital and traditional platforms. Under the new structure, Disney is creating content groups for its major film franchises, general entertainment and sports, as well as a distribution arm that will... Continue Reading →

Disney Cuts Ad Spending on Facebook

Disney has significantly reduced its spending on Facebook and Instagram ads due to concerns about the social media platform’s enforcement of its content policies. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company joins a list of large corporations that have cut back on Facebook ads as part of an effort to compel Facebook to change... Continue Reading →

Disney Promotes Hulu in Pitch to Advertisers

Disney, which barely a year ago took full operational control of Hulu and seven months ago launched subscription service Disney+, is making both streaming services key parts of its presentation to ad buyers, according to Deadline. Instead of the traditional in-person spring upfront event at New York’s Lincoln Center, the company sent advertisers a 45-minute... Continue Reading →

Disney Announces Major Redesign for Hulu

Disney is making a slew of streaming announcement to celebrate National Streaming Day. One of the announcement catching everyone’s attention is the major redesign coming to Hulu. The platform is starting to rollout its new interface today. The company is moving towards a more standardized, even Netflix-like user interface featuring collections laid out vertically within... Continue Reading →

Disney+ Reaches 54.5 Million Subscribers

While the coronavirus has had a major negative impact on The Walt Disney Company, there is one bright spot: Disney+. In the Q2 earnings call on Tuesday, the company reported that the streaming service reached 54.5 million paid subscribers. CNBC put together a graph to show how it compares to it’s top competitor, Netflix’s growth:... Continue Reading →

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