Frontera Cocina Rolls Out New Baja Menu

Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs is switching this up this summer by adding a new theme of items to the menu. The Baja menu includes several new dishes. Baja is one of the most exciting places on Earth. Sure, Cabo is fun, but northern Baja is delicious and beyond belief. Some of the most wonderful... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Jungle Book Offers Wild Occurrence in Becoming a Rare Live-Action Remake (No Spoilers)

Enthralling, visually striking and dark are a few phrases to describe the marvelous depiction of the Disney classic. A well thought-out casting selection launched 12-year-old Neel Sethi into the perfect position to carry the film as the lone on-screen talent. Bill Murray voicing Baloo, the happy-go-lucky bear was a great decision made by Director Jon Favreau and... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Zootopia (No Spoilers)

I feel safe going on the record and saying Walt Disney Studio's Zootopia is Disney's best animated, non-princess feature since Pixar's Toy Story. The movie does a tremendous job of carrying an emotion-filled storyline without needing the typical love interest. Director Byron Howard, along with screenplay writers Jared Bush and Phil Johnston put together a cohesive... Continue Reading →

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