VIP Shakeup Coming to Hollywood Studios

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Make sure to see the VIP characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Chip and Dale) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios because inevitable changes are coming. A couple character confirmations have already trickled in. About a month ago, WDW announced that Mickey and Minnie would both be relocating to a new venue with changes to their outfits. Starting early May (around the 8th), Mickey will greet guests in his director’s outfit; meaning he will no longer be able to be seen in his sorcerer’s robe. Minnie’s new overlay has not been revealed but WDW says it will be formal attire and she will be leaving from the Disney Jr. area of the park. Both will be at a new location around Echo Lake.

Also starting in the early summer, Pluto will be leaving the Center Stage meet and greet and sliding into Minnie’s old location near the Star’s of Disney Junior. Pluto doesn’t have the luxury of getting to wear many cool outfits or have a variety of wardrobing choices, therefore, I believe he will keep his orange collar covered in subtle stars that he is currently wearing at Hollywood Studios.

Speculation: With three VIP changes already announced, many meet & greet cuts already made across property and the addition of Star Wars offerings in May.. I expect the last remaining characters to get “cut” from the Center Stage location… maybe as early as mid-summer. I have already heard rumblings about more changes coming and I see Goofy being the first casualty (this move coming sooner rather than later) simply because he’s the odd-man out. At least with Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale you can pair the characters up and they go nicely together.

All I can say is: Yes, while everything is subject to change, I highly recommend taking your picture with all characters at Hollywood Studios. Things will be removed, and things will be added.. and no timetable is ever written in stone. Disney could make an announcement and then have that change put into effect the next day if they want to. Maybe if the VIP shakeup does include some of the characters being cut, we will see them in a “Club Disney” revival. We can only hope that venue re-opens during the dog days of summer.

Other than this article, other character changes coming to the Studios include:
Mike and Sulley (Leaving in April)
Olaf (Coming in the May)
Star Wars Processional, stage show and fireworks (Coming in May)
More Star Wars meet and greets (Near future)

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